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Our lodges are great places for a family reunion, a work trip or families wanting to have a good time exploring the beauties of Bear Lake Valley & endless mountain trails. We have a great selection of Bear Lake private cabins, condos and campsites for a perfect Bear Lake vacation… any season of the year-winter, spring, summer and fall!

We are here to help you with planning your vacation. We’ll be your resource for information regarding boating, biking, fishing, trails for ATV’s or hiking, jet-skiing, snowmobiling, snow-skiing, hunting, ice-fishing and various points of interest and special events such as the Pickleville Playhouse and historical and recreational attractions. The Bear Lake Valley and the surrounding area have so much to offer with their historical and recreational setting and will make your vacation fantastic and enjoyable.

The crown jewel is Bear Lake, a large (8 miles wide and 20 miles long) scenic lake often called “Caribbean of the Rockies” for its intense turquoise blue water. As visitors catch their first glimpse of the lake, they marvel at its color and wonder what makes the lake so blue. Sitting on one of its many white, sandy beaches, you can imagine yourself on your own little island.

Bear Lake Cabins & Condos Availability as of October 1,2015

I have the following nights open in the Bear Lake Valley:

Elk Ridge Lodge- 6 bedroom-sleeps 20 :  For 2015: Sept 1,2,7-30, all of Oct, Nov, Dec 1-23,28-31, 2015;  For 2016: Jan –July 1-4, 9-27, July 31,Aug 1,2,7-31, Sep-Dec 2016

Harbor Village 2 bedroom Condo-sleeps 10 is open the following nights: For 2015:  Sept7-10,13-31, Oct, Nov, Dec , For 2016: Jan 1-14,18-31, Feb-Dec

Vern’s Creekside Retreat- 3 bedroom-limit 50 on property and 15 in the home is open the following nights: For 2015: and September, Oct, Nov, Dec.  For 2016: Jan-Dec

Bear Lake Lodge-8 bedroomlimit 100 people is open the following nights: For 2015: Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec 1-23, 27-31,   For 2016: Jan-May, June 1-23,27-30,July1,8,9,10,11,23,30,31, Aug 1-4, 13-31, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec

Grizzly Bear Cabin-10 bedroom- beachfront limit 40 people and is across the street from Bear Lake Lodge is open for the following nights:  For 2015: Sept, & Oct, Nov 1-24, 28-30, all of Dec.  For 2016:  Jan-June, July 1-7,11,12,18,23-31, Aug ,Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec.

Fish Haven Creek Lodge-16 bedroom-limit 100 people-sleeps 58 is open the following nights: For 2015: Sept, Oct, Nov 1-24, 28-30, All of Dec.  For 2016:Jan-May, June 1-22,26-30, July 1-6,10,11,12, 16-21,25,26,30,31,Aug 1,2,3,8-31, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec

See our website at www/bearlakevacationrentals.com for photos.  Ask for one page information sheets to be emailed to you.  Other properties not listed here are no longer available. 

Mexico Beach House Availability-Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Mexico on the Sea of Cortez 4 hours southwest of Phoenix.

Casa de Arcos del Mar- 5 bedroom-sleeps 18 in Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Mexico on the Sea of Cortez is open the following nights: March 22-26, 30,31,Apr 9-16,19-30, May 4-14,17-21,27,28,31, June, 1-4,14-18,21,30, July 1,2,6,7,18-23,26,30,31, Aug 1-11,19-27,31, Sept 1-3,7-17,19-25, Oct 5-31, all of Nov & Dec 1-24,27-31.  Ask for an information sheet on this property.