Check-in/Check-out Information

  • Check-in time is 4:00 p.m. or later and checkout time is 11 AM or earlier. No exceptions!
  • Summer 24-hour contact: Joyce McCown – 520-404-5211 or 208-945-1400
  • Winter 24-hour contact: Joanne Anderson – 435-881-1560 or 435-946-3272


Instructions for using the key box:

  1. The access code is printed on your invoice.  The housekeeper will set the code just prior to check-in.
  2. Push the CLEAR button down then push the buttons that correspond to the combination given to you.
  3. Push down the OPEN button and while holding it down pull the lid out from the key box toward you. You open the face of the key box towards you and do not take the whole box off the door handle.
  4. If you have entered the incorrect combination, you can reset the buttons by sliding down the CLEAR button.
  5. When you release the OPEN button, the combination will clear.
  6. To replace the lid, push in the buttons that correspond to the combination you have set. Place the lid into the key box by first setting the bottom of the lid into the vault. Push down and hold the OPEN button as you return the lid to the closed position. The lid will lock into place, and the combination will clear when the OPEN button is released.
  7. Some properties may have a Master Lock which is very easy to use, similar to a briefcase lock.


Please do the following before the cleaning service arrives:

  1. On a daily basis gather all the trash in the large black garbage bags and take to the dumpsters.
  2. Clean kitchen and put dishes in dishwasher and run the dishwasher
  3. Take the sheets only off the beds that were used and put in the laundry room, start the laundry & keep it going until check out.
  4. Be sure to check underneath beds and couches for your belongings.