Lodge Rules & Instructions – Aspen Creek Lodge


  1. Check –in time is 4:00 p.m. and Check-out time is 11a.m.  No exceptions!
  2. Fines may be imposed by the city or the homeowner’s assoc for not following most of the first 9 rules listed below:
  3. Parking is limited the 4 parking spots on the property-do not park on the street. Extra parking is located near the entrance to the subdivision by the fenced garbage area. 
  4. Please do not trespass or park on neighbors’ property-see plat map. The speed limit for ATV’s is 15mph & 20 mph for cars
  5. This property is limited to 16 persons over 3 years of age per the HOA.  (Max 14 adults)
  6. Quiet hours are from 9:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m.  We do not want to disturb our neighbors, many are full-time residents.
  7. No fireworks are permitted ever.  No fire rings are permitted during the dry season-you will be notified.
  8. On a daily basis gather all the trash in the large black garbage bags and take to the dumpsters. Dumpster directions: Located in the white fenced area near the entrance to the subdivision.
  9. No pets and no smoking are allowed on or near the premises.  There will be a $200. fine.  No camping, tenting or RV’s .
  10. For snow removal please call the # above (Housekeeper or Property manager).  The subdivision removes the snow from the actual street.  Please call the property manager or housekeeper for snow removal from the parking area.
  11. Fines range up to $250 for not obeying the rules above
  12. Call Joyce at 520-404-5211 or 888-296-8636 if you have any question or problems.  Summer 208-945-1400
  13. 24 hour contact person or Housekeeper:   Joyce –Summer 208-945-1400, 520-404-5211 or JoAnne in Winter: 435-881-1560.
  14. Please take off your shoes if muddy outside and leave near the door on the mats
  15. Be sure to bring your own bath & beach towels & wash cloths.  We do provide a good supply of kitchen linens.
  16. There is an unsecured wireless internet in the area but it is not something we maintain. 
  17. We prefer only adults operate the electronic equipment (TV, VCR, DVD) & HVAC. Hooking up games, etc to our TV’s is not allowed.  You will be responsible for the cost to have a technician reset the satellite system and cords.
  18. All the beds have clean sheets, remaining bedding for the futon is the drawer of armoire in the Loft.
  19. Please do not sit on the comforters.  Most need to be dry cleaned and we want to keep them looking good for the next guest.   If you need to sit on the bed just pull up the comforter corner and sit on the sheets. With so many people using sunscreen & suntan oils the comforters can get ruined very quickly.
  20. Don’t leave any liquids on the furniture. Garage game room has a pool table & foosball
  21. Don’t use metal utensils on the pans. Don’t overstuff washers. Put kitchen items where they belong.
  22. Please put back everything as you found it so the housekeeper will have less work.
  23. Do not raise the wood blinds.  Feel free to adjust them in the open or closed position. Close in the morning, open at 11am. By doing this you will keep the lodge cooler.  The suns rays can really heat up the great room. There is a A/C upstairs in the loft.
  24. We are on a sewer system:  Be sure to not pour any grease, foreign objects, chemicals or diapers down the toilet or drain.
  25. Please keep showers to a minimum time and baths to a minimum-there is only one water heater.
  26. Please don’t let the children peel off the rubber on the ping pong paddles.
  27. Extra toilet paper is underneath the sink in each bathroom. Extra paper towels are located in cabinet above the frig.
  28. Snowmobiles and ATV’s: Trail maps are available.
  29. Lost & Found: Items left & will be discarded after 30 days. There is a $25 charge to return any item.


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