About Us

Mom and Dad

     Steve & Joyce McCown


 We always have enjoyed family vacations and family reunions. For  many years, our summer vacation was at Lake Powell, along the      Utah and Arizona border. Finally, we decided to fulfill our dream  of owning a home or cabin near a lake. In the summer of 2000,  after searching through many Arizona properties, we ventured to  Utah in search of a perfect property and after days of searching, s  still could not find what we wanted. On the last day of our trip we  decided to drive up to Bear Lake to visit some family friends and  see what Bear Lake had to offer.

 When we crested the summit we beheld a large, gorgeous lake of  the most exquisite turquoise color and we were ecstatic. Within  that year we made 6 trips to Bear Lake and finally found the  property that suited us, but was unfinished. We named it Bear  Lake Lodge and within six months finished the basement and other remodeling we had planned. We enjoyed our summer at the lake so much that we decided to rent it out so others could enjoy it when we were not there. The demand for family reunion lodging at Bear Lake was so great that in 2006 we purchased another property we fell in love with and named that one Fish Haven Creek Lodge, a 16 bedroom, previously a Bed & Breakfast.

By this time our son and daughter had visited the lake and both loved it so much that they purchased properties in the Bear Lake area and wanted to rent those out when they were not there. Additionally, several owners in the area realized the demand and asked us to manage their property. Over the years we found we really enjoy helping others plan family reunions where they create memories to last. We are sure you will enjoy visiting our lodges and cabins for your special reunions, retreats and events. We invite you to enjoy Bear Lake and all it has to offer to make your memories that last a lifetime.

–Joyce & Steve McCown, Owners of Bear Lake Vacation Rentals